Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bay area IT services from ServiceDesk, Inc.

Managed IT Services

Put your trust in ServiceDesk! We provide IT solutions to companies here in the bay area and beyond. When it comes to IT, we are here to serve as an extension of your business.

What We Do

Proactive IT - Monitoring and Maintenance

ServiceDesk provides IT services for the greater bay area as well as the entire country. Contact us today to see what solutions we can provide for your business.

Can my business save money outsourcing IT to ServiceDesk?

If there is one item the majority of small businesses can agree upon, it’s that time equal’s money. As a small business owner you already know that you are a jack of all trades and one who wears many different hats. This seems to be the norm for a small business and while it’s expected, it may not end up being the best use of your time. In order to become a success and to compete in any industry, there must be time allocated specifically for the business owner to focus on developing and growing the company. Enter Managed Services.

Responsive IT

We’ve got your back!  If you’re not covered under one of our Proactive or Managed Service programs, but still need an IT solution, then you can still get unparalleled support utilizing our Break/Fix model.  This is a pay as you go service meaning that you pay for any time we spend supporting your technology.  This is also referred to Time & Materials.
Whether you need equipment upgraded or are facing a significant failure, ServiceDesk is here to provide you the support when you need it.
As your company leans more and more on technology as the core of your business, the more important it becomes to keep your systems up and running. If and when there is an outage, it can be felt in a multitude of ways across your entire business.  Each passing minute of downtime can present a missed opportunity and result in a loss of revenue. During these crucial moments, there is nothing more important than getting your systems back online… enter ServiceDesk.

We provide you with software that will do a light proactive scan to determine the health of your equipment. If our NOC is alerted to a health issue, then you will be notified in advance of our findings. This can help mitigate any issue before it becomes a full blown outage.
This is Free of charge to our Responsive IT customers!
  • Light Monitoring
  • Asset/Software/Hardware Reporting
  • ServiceDesk Systems Tray icon
  • Remote Control

* Note: All of our services can be used al la carte to fit your needs. Here is our Service Catalog the lists all the various services we can provide your company.